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Date:2019-08-09 11:01:40      Edit:       2025

Live Food&Beverage - Enjoy Oral Enjoyment for the Audience

In order to meet the catering needs of on-site audiences, we have arranged public catering areas in the main stand (A stand), commercial and trade area, Deputy stand (H stand) and B stand and F stand of SAIC International Circuit.

Waterscape Plaza Restaurant Street

Enjoy leisure and relaxation in the leisure street of the audiences. Invite friends to spend the exciting weekend of the F1 China Grand Prix. At the end of the competition, don't leave in a hurry. We have prepared a street for you to enjoy the exciting F1 race and enjoy the delicious Jiading featured folk snacks.

Location: SAIC International Circuit Waterscape Square

Opening hours: 9:00-19:00

Essence recommended:

Scorpion frying, sand tea squid, deep pit stinky tofu, Taiwan roast sausage, octopus balls, Taiwan Penghu roast oyster, Taipei lotus shrimp, Taiwan Lu meat rice, Shilin beef noodles, Taiwan Taipei snacks, hand-made beef balls, Guandong cooking, Taiwan pineapple rice, Taiwan pearl milk tea, Taiwan crab yellow cage soup bag, Taiwan hot and sour powder Small intestine wrapped in large intestine, sweet or not spicy, snapper roast, red bean cake, etc.

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