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Carlos Sainz
Spain Carlos Sainz
Birthday : 1962-04-12
Birthplace : Spain
Country : Spain
Score : 63
Height : 175 CM
Weight : 68 KG
Marriage : Married
Personal Information

He’s the matador from Madrid racing royalty. 

Entering F1’s Bull Ring paired alongside Max Verstappen at Toro Rosso in 2015, Sainz quickly showed his fighting spirit. A tenacious racer, Sainz puts the car on the edge as he hustles his way through the pack. No wonder he’s earned the nickname Chilli.

But the Spaniard is intelligent as well as instinctive, thinking his way through a race and into the points. This calm temperament follows him off track where he remains unfazed by the pressures of forging a Grand Prix career with a famous name. 

Sainz is the son of double World Rally champion, also his namesake, and has brought some of Dad’s driving skills to the F1 circuit – junior loves a delicious dose of drift for one. 

After following in his famous father’s tyre tracks, Sainz now has big racing boots to fill at McLaren where he replaces his childhood hero Fernando Alonso in 2019. It is never easy living in the shadow of sporting giants, but Sainz has the drive and disposition to deal with it. Vamos!

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