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Hamilton: No plans to retire soon

Date:2019-08-27 09:19:11      Edit:       3447

Lewis Hamilton says he still loves driving and doesn't intend to retire from Formula 1 any time soon as he has "more to achieve" in the sport.

Hamilton, who leads the championship by 62 points at the summer break, is closing in on a sixth title which would put him one behind Michael Schumacher, and he is also nearing the German's F1 wins record.

"One day I will have to stop, but right now I feel fantastic physically and mentally," said Hamilton, 34.

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"I don't currently have any plans of stopping soon. There's more to do, there's more to win, there's more to achieve together, inside and outside of the car."

Hamilton's comments give further indication that the five-time world champion is willing to extend his career beyond the end of his current Mercedes contract, which expires after the 2020 season.

"It's been a phenomenal journey [at Mercedes]," added Hamilton. "I think right now I'm just excited to see what more we can do together and what's next.

"I honestly don't know why some people decide to stop at the times they decide to stop, but I love driving. I really, really love the challenge."

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