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Family Ticket

Date:2019-08-09 15:06:58      Edit:       1969

For the majority of adult F1 spectators, F1 children's tickets are the most concerned issue. In fact, Shanghai F1 does not have children's tickets, but for children and adolescents, there are certain preferential measures over the years.

Before 2015

Children's admission restrictions: children under 1.2 meters are admitted by ticket, and children under three years of age are prohibited.

Admission restrictions for teenagers: use student cards to purchase F1 student tickets on official platforms, usually in the sub-stand area;

2016 and beyond

Adolescents and children under 16 years of age (including 16 years of age) are fully admitted. Adults are recommended to accompany them; children under 3 years of age are not recommended.

Then we introduce the 1 + 1 model of parent-child tickets, which consists of an adult ticket and a child ticket. The main stand and the auxiliary stand H and K can be selected.

There are several points for attention regarding parent-child tickets for 2019:

1. There are only two kinds of parent-child tickets, one is under the main stand and the other is under stand H. There is no parent-child ticket for ordering other types of tickets, even for box VIP tickets.

2. Parent-child tickets need to check the information of customers. After payment and ordering, customers need to go to the scene window to collect the tickets themselves, so they can't express them to you.

3. When ordering, please provide the name of the ticket collector and the number of the certificate (ID card number, passport number, desk ID number).

Note: No such ticket types have been set up in 2024

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