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Pierre Gasly
France Pierre Gasly
Birthday : 1996-02-07
Birthplace : France
Country : France
Score : 63
Height : 177 CM
Weight : 66 KG
Marriage : Unmarried
Personal Information

If there’s one man who knows how big a rollercoaster ride an F1 driver’s career can be, it’s Pierre Gasly!

The flying Frenchman was called up to make his 2017 debut in Malaysia in place of Daniil Kvyat and, after proving his mettle, he was named as Toro Rosso driver the following year.  A further 21 races into his fledgling career, Gasly was moved up again – this time to replace Red Bull big gun Daniel Ricciardo.

Gasly seemed to have a knack of being in the right place at the right time – a quality that’s equally handy on track. A series of impressive 2018 performances for Toro Rosso – including a brilliant fourth place in Bahrain – showed exciting promise for what he might do with the ‘A’ team in 2019.

Unfortunately that promise only appeared in flashes – and he quickly suffered from unfavourable comparisons with superstar team mate Max Verstappen. So much so that after the summer break, he was sent back to Toro Rosso, with another young up-and-comer – Alex Albon – being given a shot in the ‘senior’ Red Bull seat.

The question now is can Gasly bounce back and earn himself another shot at the F1 bigtime…

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