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Daniil Kvyat
Russian Daniil Kvyat
Birthday : 1994-04-26
Birthplace : Russia
Country : Russian
Score : 27
Height : 175 CM
Weight : 62 KG
Marriage : Unmarried
Personal Information

He’s the comeback kid with a capital K.

Proving even ‘torpedoes’ can make U-turns, Daniil Kvyat makes a surprise return for a third spell with Toro Rosso in 2019.

His intrinsic speed and ability to adapt to circuit conditions make him a valuable asset - and he’s already a proven podium contender.

The rangy Russia arrived in Formula 1 with an impervious poker face and set about his business as a cool and confident racer.

But after being dropped by Red Bull, Kvyat plunged into a downward spiral and lost confidence.

That disappointment was shaken off with a year as Ferrari’s development driver and a little time away from the Red Bull family has seen Kvyat mellow and mature.

Away from the circuit, the Russian is an extreme sports nut and, just like in his F1 career, has learnt to ride the waves.

The re-set button has been pressed and Kvyat 3.0 is ready to rumble with the Bulls once more. 

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