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Lance Stroll
Canada Lance Stroll
Birthday : 1998-10-29
Birthplace : Canada
Country : Canada
Score : 18
Height : 175 CM
Weight : 63 KG
Marriage : Unmarried
Personal Information

There is no such thing as too much too soon for Stroll, a teenage sensation with a wet weather predilection. One of the cool kids on the grid, Stroll was unveiled shortly after his 18th birthday by Williams – before he finished high school and got his road licence. 

Stroll meant business in his debut 2017 season, setting records on the way. An opportunistic racer he bounded onto the podium in Baku, the youngest rookie to do so. As the son of a wealthy entrepreneur, Stroll is used to a champagne lifestyle but now he knows the fizz tastes all the sweeter on the rostrum. Then in Monza he mastered the downpours to become the youngest driver in history to line up on the front row.

A single-minded starter, the Canadian loves to make up places on the opening lap and fight through to the points. Stroll has the potential to be a long-term fixture in Formula 1. His father Lawrence led the consortium that took over Force India midway through the 2018 season. The future looks bright for both the team and their new young driver – and even if it rains then Stroll can keep on motoring at the sharp end of the pack.

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