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Nico Hulkenberg
Germany Nico Hulkenberg
Birthday : 1987-08-19
Birthplace : Germany
Country : Germany
Score : 17
Height : 175 CM
Weight : 63 KG
Marriage : Married
Personal Information

He’s the Superhero with the talent to become a racing superstar – if only he could get to flex his muscles with a top team. F1’s 'Hulk' has shown incredible strength and stamina as a midfield marauder for Williams, Force India, Sauber and Renault during a career spanning back to 2010. 

In that rookie season, Hulkenberg mastered changing track conditions to take a brilliant pole position in Brazil, showing he had brains as well as brawn. Since then his ability to consistently hoover up the points has made him a highly valued team player. In 2015, his reputation grew once more when, on a weekend away from his day job, he won the classic Le Mans 24 Hours race for Porsche at the first time of asking.

Hulkenberg’s off-track alter ego is down to earth – he’s the sort of driver who holds his own umbrella when it’s raining on the way to the grid – with a cheeky sense of humour. When he reached the unwanted record of most race starts without a podium finish he laughed it off as the start of the 'Hulkenberg era'. Thankfully the popular German’s era continues and there is always a chance to set the record straight.

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