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Alexander Albon
England Alexander Albon
Birthday : 1986-07-31
Birthplace : England
Country : England
Score : 16
Height : 175 CM
Weight : 63 KG
Marriage : Unmarried
Personal Information

Born in London but racing under the flag of Thailand, Alexander Albon’s first word was in fact Italian – and that word was Ferrari.

Idolising Michael Schumacher and dreaming of one day racing in Formula 1, Albon got his wish with another team from Italy. After a patient wait for his big break, Albon did his talking on track with Toro Rosso in 2019's opening races, quickly earning himself a move up to Red Bull Racing.

He has joined George Russell and Lando Norris in graduating straight from the FIA Formula 2 Championship into F1’s big league. Despite being great pals with Russell, Albon left the friendship trackside as he took the 2018 title fight right down to the wire.

A stylish over-taker with a championship mentality, Albon was unlucky to miss out on the crown. Charles Leclerc – who pipped him to the 2016 GP3 title - also rates Albon as a top guy and a top-class driver.

Laidback and cheerful with a cheeky grin, the Thai racer is popular among his peers – not always easy in motorsport’s cauldron of competition. Albon is excited to be reunited with his buddies but relishes even more putting the pedal to the metal and going head-to-head with them on the biggest stage of all.

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