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Romain Grosjean
France Romain Grosjean
Birthday : 1986-04-17
Birthplace : Switzerland
Country : France
Score : 8
Height : 175 CM
Weight : 63 KG
Marriage : Married
Personal Information

High-speed haute cuisine is on the menu in the Grosjean household, where head chef Romain is also a racing star. 

Quick and with a natural feel for braking and balance, Grosjean has the right ingredients to cook up a storm on track. Tussling and hustling at the front of the pack, the French racer claimed a series of impressive podiums for Renault before moving to spearhead the Haas team. 

Like the best chefs, the Geneva-born driver occasionally breaks a few eggs.  Renault handed Grosjean his debut halfway through the 2009 season, but a mix of inexperience and enthusiasm saw him move back to the subs bench before making his F1 return in 2012. A one-race ban after triggering a pile-up in Spa seemed to be the final arc of the learning curve for Grosjean. 

A more mature Grosjean remains enthusiastic and expansive. A father to a growing brood and now a cookbook author, it seems he also has the ingredients for a happy life both in the Formula 1 paddock and away from the cauldron of F1 competition.

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