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Ticket purchasing&Dispatching



2.1 As soon as a ticket (including but not limited to ticket, credential and/or pass of Grandstand Club and/or Paddock Club, the same hereinafter) is sold, Event promoter will not accept any request to refund, change, replace and re-issue it under any circumstance.  Tickets shall be obtained through the channel designated by Event promoter.  Any transference or resale of tickets for profit purpose will not be protected by laws and ticket purchasers are at the risk of getting counterfeit, stolen or used tickets which result in being refused to enter or expelled from the SAIC International Circuit.

Therefore, the Event promoter shall not take the legal responsibility to guarantee the validity of these tickets mentioned above.




2.2 When purchasing or booking tickets, a purchaser or booker shall finish the "FORMULA 1 CHINESE GRAND PRIX Ticket Order Form" properly and fill in true and correct information.  When the ticket purchasing or booking procedure is finished properly, a relevant confirmation voucher or ticket will be delivered.

Ticket purchasers can choose grandstands but cannot choose seats.

The Event promoter will deal with the advance booking, ticket purchasing, ticket delivery, ticket pick-up and ticket check etc. according to the information filled or provided by ticket purchasers. Therefore, any loss caused by incorrect, untrue, or invalid information shall not be the responsibility of the Event promoter.



2.3 The payment generated will include the ticket price and the relevant fess such as the ticket purchasing or booking fee and the delivery fee according to the purchasing or booking channel used (see Ticket Information published and updated every year).  The above-mentioned fees are separate and shall be paid by ticket purchasers.  Except the ticket price, which shall be charged by the Event promoter, other fees will be charged by the Event promoter on behalf of the service provider, or ticket purchaser can pay the service provider directly.

In case of payment in foreign currency, the final price in foreign currency shall be equivalent to that in RMB, which shall be converted at the actual transaction exchange rate published by the bank of settlement on the date of payment.


2.4 College Students (full-time), wheelchair spectators and minor children under 18 years old shall subject to the special terms and conditions for tickets which will be published every year.


2.5 The payment may be through cash, credit cards and bank cards, bank check, cashiers' check, bill of exchange, credit warrant, wire transfer etc. The detailed payment shall be negotiated with the staffs of service window.

2.6  2019一级方程式喜力中国大奖赛指定票务渠道:

2.6 The designated ticket purchasing channels for Formula 1 Heineken Chinese Grand Prix are as follows:




※Ticket counters in the SAIC International Circuit: Temporary ticket counters will be available in the SAIC International Circuit from 12 April to 14 April in business hours from 9 AM to 15 PM and the tickets will be limited available.


※Agents and distributors channel: The relevant information concerning to the designated official agents and distributors are available on the official website.

2.7 除早订优惠期外,网络及电话购票一般在购买成功后10个工作日内安排配送赛票,如果您未能在购买成功后10个工作日内收到赛票,请联系赛事推广方客服。



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