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Hotel Guide

Date:2019-08-09 10:49:40      Edit:       1856

1. Extreme Speed F1 Resort Hotel

Address: No. 1 Nanandlu, Anting New Town

2. Tang Hotel

Address: 4339 Anting Baoan Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

3.Shanghai Huaxin Fugui Tiandi Hotel

Address: No. 3189 Baoan Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

3.Tiankang Hotel

Address: No. 4568 Bao'an Highway, Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai (Jiasong North Crossing)

5. Shanghai Blue Palace Hotel

Address: 125 Bole South Road, Jiading District, Shanghai (Shugou junction) (recommendation!)

6. Jinliang Hotel

Address: 2738 Cao'an Road, Jiading District, Shanghai

7.GreenTree Inns Nanxiang Shanghai                           

Address: Intersection of Zhongren Road and Zhennan Road, Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai (Recommendation!)

8.Rujia Express Hotel Shanghai Jiading Chengzhong Road Shop

Address: No. 200 Chengzhong Road, Jiading District, Shanghai (Meiyuan Intersection) (Recommendation!)

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