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Change Of Race Schedule

4.1 购票者已认知比赛将在FIA即国际汽车运动联合会最终批准的日期并按其适用规则举行。主办推广方保留根据赛事需要(包括但不限于安全及公众需求)或依F1 赛事机构要求增加、撤销或变更任何与赛事节目、座位安排、车手、表演者、其他活动有关的安排的权利。(敬请持续关注赛事官网以获取最新信息)

4.1 Ticket holders herein acknowledge and agree that the Event will be held on the date approved by the Federation International de Automobile ("FIA") and according to its rules and regulations.  The Event promoter reserves the right to add, cancel or replace any arrangement including but not limited to performance, seat arrangement, drivers, performers or activities related to the Event according to the demand or requirement of the Event (including but not limited to meeting the demand of security and social public) or/and Formula 1 Event institutions. (Please follow up to the latest information published on the Event official website.)


4.2 Whereas the indeterminacy of sporting events as known to all, it is possible that certain individuals, groups or celebrity expected to be present will be absent from promotion activities or advertising they plan to attend.  Without regard to whether the individuals, groups or celebrity will be present, ticket purchasers herein acknowledge and agree that such expectation mentioned above when purchasing tickets may not be unrealizable.


4.3 Provided that the Event on certain day is postponed or cancelled due to bad weather such as rainstorm, strong wind, thunder and lightening which influence the open-air Event, or that the Event is interrupted or stopped ahead of the schedule after the commencement for any reason, ticket purchasers herein acknowledge and agree that the Event promoter will not accept any request to refund or change tickets. 


4.4 Unless otherwise the Event is officially and completely cancelled according to the pre announcement, the Event promoter will not accept any request to refund or change tickets in any form under any circumstance such as for the reason of schedule alteration.  In the event that the Event is officially and completely cancelled in accordance with the announcement referred to above, the Event promoter will only be responsible for refunding a grandstand ticket payment, which limited to the value stated on its face other than complimentary tickets, tickets for exchange as enterprise resources, tickets for employees and etc., and not any other cost or loss generated under any circumstance.

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