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3.1 A spectator is admitted by ticket only.  Under no circumstances shall Event promoter be responsible for replacing tickets in circumstances that include but are not limited to tickets being lost, stolen, damaged, difficult to identify or otherwise disappearing.


3.2 A minor child under 18 years old is admitted by minor child ticket accompanied with an adult spectator.   Minor children under 3 years old are not suggested to watch the Event.  The adult spectator shall bear all the attention and guardianship responsibilities, and it is agreed that any fault of the child shall be deemed as that of the adult.



3.3 Once check in, a ticket will have an admission record on ticketing system. Therefore, the ticket shall not be transferred to anyone else, which means, a ticket shall be used by one ticket holder only on the same day.

For exit halfway and entry again with the same ticket before the end of an event on the same day, it is necessary to present the ticket for scanning to make a record of exit.  Only a ticket with a record of exit can gain re-admission.  A ticket without a corresponding exit record to an entry record shall be refused to re-admit.


3.4 The ticket shall be kept with due care after admission for being checked again from time to time.  Unless otherwise provided, any person who does not show his or her ticket shall be expelled from the SAIC International Circuit on the Event promoter's discretion.


3.5 Every ticket corresponds to certain grandstand and / or seat. Thus every Spectator must gain entry to the Event and be seated at the Event as instructed by the ticket. Spectator shall not enter areas that are forbidden or restricted from spectators without proper permission.

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