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Introduction Of Box

Date:2019-08-09 15:06:58      Edit:       2325

Price List of F1 Box


Basic Service Content of Box

* Boxes capacity: small boxes with an area of more than 100 square meters can accommodate 35 VIPs; large boxes with an area of more than 130 square meters can accommodate 45-50 VIPs;

* Location and field of vision: located between the upper and lower levels of the main stand, through the box elevator access; with excellent vision, you can view the entire stadium from top to bottom, while facing the maintenance area, F1 departure qualifying track, award platform and the six large TV screens on the upper side of the maintenance station;

* The interior facilities of the box: the room is equipped with central air conditioning, reception desk, bar, two plasma TV sets, tables and chairs, sofa, refrigerator, outdoor competition platform, interior toilet and other facilities and equipment;

* Food and Beverage Services: All-day bar service during the event, hot tea, carbonated drinks, fruit juice, mineral water, high-grade coffee, wine, beer, champagne, chocolate and other snacks and rich and diverse snacks; noon to provide five-star standard high-quality buffet lunch;

* Indoor layout: Enterprises can properly arrange indoors in the box according to their own needs;

* Parking space: according to the number of VIPs to provide parking space, basically every four people a parking space;

* Entry and exit certificates: Each box guest has a box guest entry and exit certificate; during the event, 5 tickets are provided for the main stand (for drivers accompanying the tournament);

* Entertainment activities: In the platform corridor outside the box, various free entertainment and leisure activities arranged for VIPs in the box are provided, such as hairdressing, plain painting, magic performance, traditional Chinese art performances, etc.

* Gift: Every VIP in the box can get a set of exquisite gifts free of charge, including official magazines and earplugs.

* Service: Each compartment is equipped with professional service personnel throughout the day, providing perfect and meticulous service. In addition, SAIC International Racing Circuit Co., Ltd. can also provide etiquette or security services according to customer needs.

Box Area Map

The lower floor of the main stand

Small box: No. 2-5, No. 9-16, No. 20-23; Large box: No. 6-8, No. 17-19; Super box: No. 1, No. 24

The VIP box in the main stand not only provides the best venue to watch the Games in person, but also provides a good platform for private and comfortable reception and public relations for VIPs of enterprises.

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