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Paddock Club

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Tickets: You can choose to buy Formula One Paddock Club F1 Grand Prix Weekend 3-day tickets, Saturday and Sunday tickets;

Regional scope: Customers can enter the paddock rooftop viewing area on the third floor and the corridor corridor of paddock club.

Opening Hours:

Friday: 8:00-18:00

Saturday: 8:00-18:00

Sunday: 8:00-17:00

Hospitality Area Configuration Facilities: (Specific on-site basis)


Table (for ten persons), tableware and chairs;

Flower arrangement;

Personalized, brand-marked entrance;

Broadscreen TV (TV signal is decided and provided by Formula One Management Co., Ltd.);

Air conditioning (excluding open air areas);

Private reception area can be personalized according to the requirements of the guests, guests can also request additional items, such as adding audio system.

Each VIP ticket will include the following rights and interests:

Enter the racing track;

Coffee, tea, croissants and pastries;

Open cabinet with champagne;

Delicious Lunch (Dinner) and Sweet Red Wine;

I can walk to the track in front of the maintenance station (PIT WALK) in a certain time.

Enter the paddock of auxiliary events;

Official magazine and a headset;

Entertainment activities;

Excellent venue for tournaments;

A parking permit is available for every four guests.

Guests can also purchase additional services, such as breakfast buffet and afternoon tea.

Examples of paddock photographs:

Paddock Club Price:

Three-day package: 31,800 yuan

Saturdays and Sundays package: 29,800 yuan

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