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Parking Guide

Date:2019-08-09 11:17:00      Edit:       1289

Parking Guidelines for SAIC International Circuit

* In F1 Shanghai Station, customers who buy "full-range box tickets" will be given a "parking permit" free of charge.

1. The parking place of Jiading F1 racing field is 2000 Yining Road, Jiading District, Shanghai.

2. There are two kinds of parking permits for Shanghai F1 racing field:

Car parking permit: 800 yuan

Car parking permit: 400 yuan

3. The sign of F1 distinguishing big car and small car is the color of license plate, yellow license plate uses big car parking license, blue license plate uses small car parking license.

4. Parking lots are distributed in the stands. The red P in the picture below is the parking area (around the stadium).


                                                                                          Picture of SAIC International Circuit

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