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Student Ticket

Date:2019-08-09 15:13:15      Edit:       2314

After 2018, the student ticket policy of F1 Shanghai Railway Station has changed slightly with previous years.

Student ticket purchasing channels:

1. Formula 1 student tickets are only for students of major universities in Shanghai (below full-time graduate students). Students in schools can order tickets at the school's agent outlet, which is generally the education supermarket of major universities in Shanghai.

2. Official websites will send a small number of members from time to time, with a small number;

Student ticket characteristics:

1. Formula 1 student ticket is a two-day ticket package. You can watch the Friday match with this ticket, but there are no fixed seats. Please choose your own seat to watch the match.

2. F1 student tickets are located in the deputy grandstand, which is equivalent to 860 yuan for the Deputy grandstand area tickets.


1. Can I vote for a seat by purchasing a student ticket?

Answer: Of course not, but it's usually possible to buy multiple seats.

2. Is the student ticket the same entry as other tickets?

Answer: No, there is a special entrance for students'tickets, and they will consult the staff when they arrive at the race track.

3. I am a student from other places. I have a student ticket. Can I be admitted?

Answer: Yes, there is no restriction on student tickets. Foreign students can still buy student tickets for admission.

4. Can my own student ticket be used by other students?

Answer: Student tickets, like other tickets in F1, are not real-name tickets. It is necessary to verify the student ID when entering.

Note: No such ticket types have been set up in 2024

F1 ticket student policy is being updated, please pay more attention to F1 Shanghai.

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