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  • F1 Traffic Guide
    F1 Traffic Guide
    Date:2019-08-09 11:13:06     Click:2087

    Subway Line 11 Branch Line "Shanghai Racing Circuit" Station (located in Shuijing Square) or Line 11 Main Line "Baiyin Road" Station. During the race, the Shanghai Racing Circuit Station of Line 11 of rail transit will be opened normally.

  • Food&Beverage
    Date:2019-08-09 11:01:40     Click:1966

    Enjoy leisure and relaxation in the leisure street of the audiences. Invite friends to spend the exciting weekend of the F1 China Grand Prix. At the end of the competition, don't leave in a hurry.

  • Seating map
    Seating map
    Date:2019-08-09 10:57:28     Click:3027

    The platinum area on the upper floor of the main stand is the best viewing area in the whole stadium, with unparalleled viewing horizons. From the top, we can see the whole venue.

  • Hotel Guide
    Hotel Guide
    Date:2019-08-09 10:49:40     Click:1728

    Recommendation of hotels around F1 SAIC International Circuit

  • Introduction Of Box
    Introduction Of Box
    Date:2019-08-09 15:06:58     Click:2325

    Located between the upper and lower levels of the main stand, it can be accessed by the elevator in the box. It has excellent vision and can view the whole stadium from top to bottom. At the same time, it is broadcasting six large TV screens on the upper

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